Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington.

School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington.

100 Level:

LING101: Language and Communication

LING111: Introduction to Linguistics


200 Level:

LALS201: Understanding Languages Learning and Teaching

LING221: Sociolinguistics

LING224: Interpersonal Communication

LING226: Special Topic: Forensic Linguistics

LING227: Words and Sentences

LING228: The Sounds of Speech

TSOL202: Vocabulary and Grammar for TESOL

TSOL203: Text and Cultural Context


300 Level:

LING321: Discourse and Meaning

LING322: New Zealand English

LING323: Psycholinguistics

LING324: Language Variation and Change

LING327: Syntax

LING328: Phonetics and Phonology

LING330: Advanced Sociolinguistics

NZSL311: Structure and Use of New Zealand Sign Language

TSOL301: Language Teaching: Principles to Practice

TSOL302: Critical Perspectives on the Second Language Curriculum

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