The journal was first published in print (only) form in 1958 and from 2018, we switched to online and open source.

Previous Editors

(We gratefully acknowledge Kon Kuiper for collating this information.)

Vols. 1-8 Jim Hollyman Trained in Paris. Taught French at the University of Auckland. Research in French language and Pacific languages.
Vol. 9 Dave Walsh Trained in Auckland in Anthropology. Taught Anthropology at the University of Sydney. Research interests in languages of Vanuatu.
Vols. 10-24 Jim Hollyman
Vols. 25-28 Chris Corne Trained in Auckland and taught in the French Department at the University of Auckland. His research interests were in French based Creoles.
Vol. 29 Chris Corne and Andy Pawley
Vol. 30 Chris Corne
Vols. 31-37 Ray Harlow Trained as a Classicist in Switzerland. Ray taught linguistics at Otago University and then Māori. After moving to the University of Waikato, he continued his teaching and research in Māori.
Vols. 38-41 W. Scott Allan Trained at the University of Edinburgh, Scott taught English Language and Linguistics at the University of Auckland. His research interests were in English language.
Vols. 42-50 Koenraad Kuiper Trained at Victoria University of Wellington and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He taught English Language and Linguistics at the University of Canterbury. His research interests are in oral formulaic performance and the phrasal lexicon.
Vols. 51-55 Paul Warren Psycholinguist working on speech processing, trained at Cambridge University and teaches linguistics at Victoria University ofWellington.
Vols. 56-60 Kevin Watson Trained at the University of Lancaster. He teaches in the Linguistics Department at the University of Canterbury. His research is in psycho-phonetics and English dialect studies.
Current Andreea S. Calude Trained at the University of Auckland, followed by a postdoc of 4 years at the University of Reading, UK. She teaches at the University of Waikato. Her interests include grammar, language evolution and corpus linguistics.


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