The University of Waikato, Hamilton.

Department of General and Applied Linguistics.

500 Level:

APPL501: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

APPL505: Teaching English for Academic Purposes

APPL520: Second Language Classroom and Curriculum Issues

APPPL530: Discourse Analysis and the Language Classroom

APPL551: Linguistics for Language Teaching

APPL552: Language Assessment and Evaluation

APPL553: Social and Psychological Aspects of Language Teaching and Learning

APPL554: The Language Programme: Design, Materials and Methodology

APPL555: Language Teaching: Observation and Practice 1

APPL556: Language Teaching: Observation and Practice 2

APPL559: Special Topic

APPL561: Directed Study

APPL580: Special Topic

APPL581: Special Topics in Applied Linguistics

APPL590: Directed Study

APPL591: Dissertation

APPL592: Dissertation

APPL593: Applied Linguistics Thesis

APPL594: Applied Linguistics Thesis


800 Level:

LING800: Linguistics MPHIL Thesis


900 Level:

LING900: Linguistics PhD Thesis