Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington.

School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington.

400 Level:

LALS401: Foundations of Linguistics for Advanced Study

LING406: Special Topic

LING407: Special Topic

LING410: Special Topic

LING411: Preparation for Advanced Research in Linguistics

LING412: Topics in Theoretical and Cognitive Linguistics

LING413: Topics in Sociolinguistics

LING414: Topic in Linguistics at the Interfaces

LING420: Directed Research in Linguistics

LING489: Research Project


500 Level:

LALS510: Listening and Speaking in the Language Classroom

LALS511: Teaching Reading and Writing

LALS512: Teaching and Learning Grammar

LALS513: The Pronunciation of English

LALS514: Understanding Second Language Learning

LALS515: Language Curriculum Development

LALS516: Special Topic: English for Academic Purposes

LALS517: Special Topic: Cognitive Linguistics and L2 Pedagogy

LALS518: Special Topic

LALS519: Special Topic

LALS520: Learners and Second Language Learning

LALS521: Language for Specific Purposes

LALS522: Teaching and Learning Vocabulary

LALS523: Language Assessment

LALS524: Language Testing

LALS525: Learner Autonomy and Learning Strategies

LALS529: Task-Based Language Teaching

LALS531: Computer-assisted Language Learning

LALS540: Evaluating Research in Applied Linguistics

LALS541: The Research Process

LASL542: Interaction and Identity in Language Learning

LALS543: Language in the Workplace

LALS544: Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching

LALS563: Sociolinguistics and Language Education

LALS579: Research Internship

LALS580: Research Paper

LALS581: Research Paper

LALS582: Research Paper

LALS583: Dissertation

LALS584: Thesis

LALS591: Thesis


600 Level:

LING690: Linguistics for PhD

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