Massey University

Linguistics and Second Language Teaching Programme, School of Language Studies, Massey University.  Palmerston North, Auckland, Wellington, Distance Learning.

100 Level:

172.133: Introduction to Language Studies

172.131: Language and Communication


200 Level:

172.234: Phonetics

172.232: Language and Society in New Zealand

172.233: Language Learning Processes

172.239: Language and Culture

172.231: Linguistics for Speech Therapists

172.235: Linguistic Analysis of the English Language

172.236: Forensic Linguistics

172.237: Language, Discourse and Power


300 Level:

172.330: Sounds and Structures

172.337: Historical and Comparative Linguistics

172.334: Field Methods

172.335: Language and Identity

172.336: Languages of the Pacific

172.338: Language and Mediated Communication in a Transcultural World