New Zealand Linguistics Courses

This list includes courses in applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, speech therapy and speech technology. It doesn't include courses teaching foreign languages, unless they focus specifically on the grammar of the language.

Not every course is offered in any given year; details are often provided on the course webpages.

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UniversityDepartment1st year2nd year3rd year4th year / postgraduate
Auckland Linguistics Linguist 100 Introduction to Linguistics
LINGUIST 101 Language and Society
LINGUIST 102 Languages of the Pacific
LINGUIST 103 Introduction to English Linguistics
LINGUIST 200 Syntax
LINGUIST 201 Phonetics and Phonology
LINGUIST 202 Language Change
LINGUIST 203 Applied English Grammar
LINGUIST 206 Semantics and Pragmatics
LINGUIST 300 Syntax: Function and Typology
LINGUIST 301 Advanced Phonology
LINGUIST 303 Conversational Analysis
LINGUIST 305 Child Language Acquisition
LINGUIST 306 Polynesian Comparative Linguistics
LINGUIST 308 Language Change
LINGUIST 310 Linguistics Essays Course
LINGUIST 312 Language Origin and Evolution
LINGUIST 313 Lexical Functional Grammar
LINGUIST 320 Topics in Pragmatics
LINGUIST 321 Gender and Language
LINGUIST 322 Special Topic in Linguistics
LINGUIST 323 Sociolinguistic Variation
LINGUIST 700 Directed Study
LINGUIST 707 Field Methods
LINGUIST 709 Linguistic Research
LINGUIST 710 Fundamentals of Linguistics
LINGUIST 720 Functional-typological Syntax
LINGUIST 721 Formal Syntax
LINGUIST 722 Phonology
LINGUIST 724 Semantics and Pragmatics
LINGUIST 726 Language Contact
LINGUIST 727 Mixed Languages
LINGUIST 728 Sociolinguistics: Variation and Change
LINGUIST 729 Interactional Sociolinguistics
LINGUIST 730 Discourse and Grammar
LINGUIST 731 Historical Linguistics
LINGUIST 741 Special Topic: Grammaticalisation
Psychology     PSYCH 313 Psychology of Communication Disorders
PSYCH 317 Evolution, Behaviour and Cognition
PSYCH 725 Evolutionary Psychology
Speech Science       SPCHSCI 711: Introduction to Communication in Children and Adults
SPCHSCI 712: Linguistics for Speech Language Therapy
SPCHSCI 713: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Systems
SPCHSCI 714: Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum I
SPCHSCI 721: Dysphagia (e-learning)
SPCHSCI 722: Communication Disorders in Children
SPCHSCI 723: Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders
SPCHSCI 724: Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum II
SPCHSCI 731: Voice and Fluency
SPCHSCI 733: Audiology for Speech Language Therapy
SPCHSCI 734: Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum III
SPCHSCI 735: Research Methods and Ethics for Speech Language Therapy
SPCHSCI 736 Topics in Communication Disorders in Adults
SPCHSCI 743: Advanced Study of Speech and Language Therapy in Children
SPCHSCI 744: Speech Language Therapy Clinical Practicum IV
SPCHSCI 745: Speech Language Therapy Project
English   ENGLISH 203 English Language to 1900    
School of Asian Studies     JAPANESE 324 Topics in Japanese Linguistics CHINESE 735 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHINESE 736 Chinese Phonology and Dialects
CHINESE 738 Chinese Semantics and Grammar
JAPANESE 722 Introduction to Japanese Sociolinguistics
JAPANESE 723AB Problems in Japanese Syntax
JAPANESE 725AB Japanese Phonology and Morphology
JAPANESE 726 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
JAPANESE 750 Language Analysis for Teachers of Japanese
JAPANESE 751 Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
Centre for Pacific Studies     PACIFIC 302 Pacific Language Structures  
School of European Languages and Literatures   FRENCH 214 French Linguistics FRENCH 314 French Linguistics
SPANISH 341/741 Spanish Sound Structure
SPANISH 342/742 Spanish Word Formation
FRENCH 717 Advanced French Linguistics
GERMAN 735 Special Topic in German Linguistics
ITALIAN 701 Special Topic in Italian Language Acquisition
Engineering       COMPSYS 706 Speech and Language Processing
Applied Language Studies LANGTCHG 101 Introduction to ELT LANGTCHG 202 Introductory English Language Analysis for TEFL
LANGTCHG 205 Developing Literacy in a Second Language
LANGTCHG 206 Special Topic
LANGTCHG 300 Teaching English in the Second/Foreign Language Classroom
LANGTCHG 301 Introduction to TEFL Curriculum
LANGTCHG 302 Practical Language Teaching
LANGTCHG 303 Instructed Language Learning
LANGTCHG 304 The Young Second Language Learner
LANGTCHG 305 Special Topic
LANGTCHG 306 Task-based Language Teaching in Primary School
LANGTCHG 310 Literature in Second Language Learning
LANGTCHG 704 Language Assessment
LANGTCHG 706 Pedagogical Grammar
LANGTCHG 709 Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
LANGTCHG 710 Task-based Language Teaching
LANGTCHG 711 Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition
LANGTCHG 713 Corpus Linguistics and Language Teaching
LANGTCHG 714 Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching
LANGTCHG 715 Developing Academic Literacy
LANGTCHG 716 Vocabulary Learning and Teaching
LANGTCHG 717 Narrative Inquiry in Language Education
LANGTCHG 718 Language Teaching Management
LANGTCHG 719 Computer Assisted Language Learning
LANGTCHG 720 Language Analysis for Teachers
LANGTCHG 721 Discourse Analysis for Teachers
LANGTCHG 722 Learner Language
LANGTCHG 723 Theories of Language Learning
LANGTCHG 724 Curriculum Development for Language Teaching
LANGTCHG 726 Materials Development and Evaluation
LANGTCHG 728 Second Language Classroom Research
LANGTCHG 729 Practicum in Second/Foreign Language Learning
LANGTCHG 732 Applied Linguistics Research
LANGTCHG 754 Special Topic: English for Specific Purposes
AUT Languages and Cultures 165105 Introduction to Language Study
165106 Critical Language Studies
166013 Methodology of Language Teaching
166102 Language and Communication
166107 Phonology Applied
166108 Language in Society
167101 Global English
167811 Focus on Language Teaching
Canterbury Linguistics LING101-S1: The English Language
LING102-S2: Language and Society
LING215-S1: Articulatory and acoustic phonetics
LING216-S2: Phonology and morphology
LING217-S1: Syntax
LING218-S2: Formal Semantics
LING219-S2: Language acquisition
LING306-S2: Topics in Syntactic Theory
LING307-S1: Topics in Phonetics and Phonology
LING310-S2: Variationist Sociolinguistics
LING403-W: Syntactic Theory
LING407-W: Field Methods
LING410-W: Variation Theory
LING412-W: Sociophonetics
LING416-W: Special Topic: Phonological markedness
Communication Disorders CMDS111 Introduction to Developmental Communication Disorders
CMDS112 Introduction to Acquired Communication Disorders
CMDS161 Anatomy/Physiology of the Speech/Hearing Mechanism
CMDS 221 Linguistics and Language Acquisition
CMDS 231 Acoustics and Phonetics
CMDS 222 Language Disorders in Children
CMDS 232 Articulation and Phonology
CMDS242 Introduction to Audiology
CMDS 262 Neurosciences
CMDS 320 Spoken/Written Language Disorders in Educational Settings
CMDS351 Fluency Disorders
CMDS363 Motor Speech Disorders
CMDS367 Voice Science and Disorders
CMDS 369 Aphasia and Related Disorders
CMDS 461 Advanced Topics in Speech and Language
School of Maori and Indigenous Studies   MAOR220/TREO220 Maori and Indigenous Language Revitalisation    
Massey Linguistics
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172.131 Language and Communication
172.132 Language and Culture
172.133 Introduction to Language Studies
172.231 Linguistics for Speech Therapists
172.232 Language and Society
172.233 Language Learning Processes
172.234 Phonetics
172.235 Linguistic Analysis
172.236 Forensic Linguistics
172.237 Language, Discourse and Power
172.334 Field Methods
172.335 Language and Identity
172.336 Languages of the Pacific
172.337 Comparative Linguistics
172.338 Mediated Communication
172.712 Multimodal Discourse analysis
272.701 Language Awareness and Language Issues
272.702 The Second Language Learning Process
272.703 The Methodology of Second Language Teaching
272.704 Curriculum and Materials Design
257.766 Leading TESOL in Diverse Contexts
257.767 Current Issues and Innovations in TESOL Leadership
257.769 Teaching English Language Learners
College of Education
(Speech Therapy)
271.150 Introduction to Communication Disorders
271.151 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
271.152 Speech-Language Therapy and the Treaty of Waitangi
271.154 Speech and Language Development
271.253 Child Language Disorders I
271.254 Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children
271.255 Assessment Methods for Speech and Language Disorders
271.256 Field Work and Clinical Skills I
271.257 Child Language Disorders II
271.258 Neurogenic Communication Disorders I
271.392 Technology in Communication Disorders
271.393 Neurogenic Communication Disorders II
271.394 Motor Speech Disorders
271.395 Fluency Disorders
271.396 Field Work and Clinical Skills II
271.398 Research Methods for Speech and Language Therapy
271.486 Speech and Language Therapy Practice and Diverse Clinical Populations
271.488 Aural Rehabilitation, Assessment and Intervention
271.489 Voice Disorders, Assessment and Treatment
271.490 Advanced Topics in Speech and Language Therapy I
School of Engineering       281.473 Applied Digital Image and Speech Processing
Psychology   175.201 Social Psychology   175.718 Postmodernism and Psychology
175.725 Advanced Social Psychology
Otago Linguistics Programme, Department of English LING111 Language and Its Structure
LING112 Social Aspects of Language
LING214 Syntax
LING215 Phonology
LING231 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
LING314 Comparative Morphosyntax
LING316 Semantics
LING318 Child Language LING319 Second Language Acquisition
LING331 Advancd Topics in TESOL
LING419 Methods and Materials in Language Teaching
LING421 Special Topic 2: Computer Assisted Language Learning
LING422 Special Topic 3: World Englishes
LING423 Special Topic 4: Language Processing
Psychology     PSYC321 The psychology of language  
Japanese   JAPA251 The structure of the Japanese language    
Computer Science       COSC421/NEUR421 Neural models of language
VUW Linguistics LING 101 Language and Communication LING 201 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 221 Sociolinguistics
LING 223 Language Learning Processes
LING 224 Interpersonal Communication
LING 321 Discourse and Meaning
LING 322 New Zealand English
LING 323 Psycholinguistics
LING 324 Language Variation and Change
LING 326 Special Topic
LING 327 Syntax
LING 328 Phonetics and Phonology
LING 329 Morphology
LING 330 Advanced Sociolinguistics
LING 331 Special Topic: Literary Linguistics
LING 406 Special Topic: An Introduction to Minimalist Syntax
LING 407 Special Topic: Research in Linguistics
LING 410 Special Topic: Literary Linguistics
LING 421 Discourse and Meaning
LING 422 New Zealand English
LING 423 Psycholinguistics
LING 424 Language Variation and Change
LING 427 Syntax
LING 428 Phonetics and Phonology
LING 429 Morphology
LING 430 Advanced Sociolinguistics
Waikato Linguistics ENGL113 - 12B (HAM)  English Confidence
LING131 - 12B (HAM)  - Describing Language
LING132 - 12A (HAM)  - Introduction to Linguistic Communication
LING133  - Introduction to Latin
ENGL214  - An Introduction to the History of the English Language
LING200  - The Languages of Europe
LING203 - 12B (HAM)  - Language, Society and Culture
LING204 - 12B (HAM)  - Introduction to Applied Linguistics
LING231 - 12A (HAM)  - General Linguistics
PHIL204  - Language and Communication
ALED322 - 12B (NET)  - Language and Cognition in Life
LING302 - 12B (HAM)  - Language Typology
LING304 - 12A (HAM)  - Sociolinguistics
LING306 - 12A (HAM)  - An Introduction to Second Language Teaching
LING380 - 12A (HAM)  - Special Topic: Practical Morphology