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Conference 2017

NZ Ling Soc - University of Auckland

The 2017 New Zealand Linguistics Society Conference was hosted at The University of Auckland on the 23-24th November.


Keynote Speakers include Chris Golston from California State University, Fresno, and Miriam Meyerhoff from Victoria Univerity of Wellington.


Chris Golston is Professor of Linguistics at California State University, Fresno.  He studied Philosophy and Classical Languages at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and Linguistics at UCLA for his MA and PhD. He works on Classical Greek, Latin, and Hittite, and is currently working on Chukchansi (a Yokuts language of California), Crow and Hidatsa (Siouan languages of Montana and North Dakota). His primary area of specialization is phonology, but he works in morphology and syntax as well.


Miriam Meyerhoff is Professor of Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington. She has done fieldwork and conducted research in a range of settings involving social mobility and language/dialect contact – from villages in Vanuatu through to urban Europe. As well as the inter-disciplinary Auckland Voices team, she is currently affiliated with interdisciplinary research groups in Australia (Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity; Centre of Excellence – Dynamics of Language) and Germany (Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Human History).

2017 Programme