Notes for contributors


  1. Please submit manuscripts electronically via the following link:
    The on-line submission process is relatively new, so please email the editor if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for improvements.
  2. Note that you will need to register as an author on the submission site, and that you will need to enter an abstract as well as the full text (the latter preferably as a pdf file).
  3. Contributions should be in English.
  4. Refereeing is anonymous, so authors' names affiliations and addresses should not appear on the manuscript (i.e. remove title page and any names in headers), nor in the property pages of the document.
  5. All contributions should be the original work of the author(s) and not have been submitted elsewhere.
  6. Submissions should conform to the style sheet below.

 Te Reo style sheet  (DOC , 59 KB) (PDF, 142 KB).